The Troublesome State of US ePacket

How To Fix China Peak Period Shipping Delays

This past month has been especially troublesome period for china ePacket shipments to USA. Some parcels have taken more than a month to arrive. Why? This is due to hundreds of cargo stuck at their airport.

ePacket Is Not As Reliable As Thought

Shipping with ePacket has been relatively fast in the past few years, except for November-January of each year. This is the first time I have experienced such delays and solutions are needed.

There’s also an issue with poor tracking information with ePacket. Sometimes, they don’t even show whether it has left for USA or not. US customers will often find this unconvincing. Further, during transit period, nothing is shown on the tracking website.

Besides USA, ePacket has been excruciatingly slow to Saudi Arabia and Russia. This delay is compounded by their slow local customs clearance and local postal delivery.

If you’re still dropshipping directly from a China, consider¬†using a special USA shipping method.

Special Lines To USA from China

I have noticed some freight forwarders from China offer dedicated shipping service to USA, they are fast and affordable. One of them is Sendfromchina and they have a service called North America Special Line, the delivery time is between 7-10 days. Of course, this is just an estimate.



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