Simple & Free Ways To Manage Your Social Media Accounts

free and simple way to manage social media accounts

Making 10s of social media accounts is easy but managing all of them at once is going to be a challenging task. Some social media like Instagram does not allow uploading of pictures from your web browser, you are forced to do it from an android or mobile device. More and more popular social media apps restrict functionality on their webpages, which means a lot of work needs to be done straight from your mobile device and that is not going to be fun.


Thankfully, a lot of web-based services offer social media management solution. One very popular service is which offers analytics, content scheduling, content suggestions, and other functionalities. They offer support for Twitter profiles, Facebook Profiles/pages/groups, Google+ Pages/profiles, Linked profiles/groups/companies, WordPress blogs, Instagram profiles and Youtube channels. To able to keep your accounts active, content posting is very important so to be able to schedule them can save you a lot of time. Its dashboard shows all the messages, mentions and comments so you can engage with followers very quickly. A lot of product inquiries come from social media, so by replying and answering quickly increases your conversions. Try the free plan which allows up to 3 social profiles.

Completely Free Method

As mentioned before, not all social media apps have full functionality on their website. What if you could use their app comfortably from your computer? The answer is Genymotion – an android emulator that allows you to run apps directly in Windows, Mac OS and Linux. It is free for personal use if you get it from here After installing it, you need to follow “How do I install Google Play Services?” in the FAQ section so you can download/install apps. Once everything is complete, you can use it like your phone, download all the social media apps you need. Set all your them to show notifications and when there’s new activity, you will see the app notifications at the top left with sound alerts.

Of course, this is not as efficient as a social media management dashboard, but you can install all the apps you need and not get charged.


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