PostNL Parcels Being Rejected By Netherlands Customs


Why is Netherlands Customs Rejecting Parcels?

There’s been a rather high rejection/return rates from Netherlands customs lately for my China parcels shipping through PostNL. Unfortunately, the PostNL tracking link info dissapear and do not contain any information on why it was returned. It is rather peculiar this is happening, afterall one of the purpose of having tracking info is to help us understand what is happening to the package.

I’ve done some research online and found that they may reject parcels with tubular items in it. My parcels however do not have such objects. I will not choose PostNL for european countries as return parcels is such a headache, not to mention very bad customer experience due to reship and delays.

Alternative Airmail Options

PostNL is my favourite choice for delivering to european countries but due to recent events, I will have to refrain from using them.

Swiss Post

I’ve tried using Swiss Post recently and I find that their tracking info do not update for a long time. This concerns some customers as they believe that if a parcel has been shipped, the tracking info would have updated immediately. Also, its delivery time is not exactly fast.


My favourite choice for China shipments, they have been expanding to many new countries recently. However, their performance are inconsistant.

China Post

“Good old” China Post is probably the most common choice. I believe their delivery time to certain countries (eg. Kazakhstan ) has improved. If you do not have any other choice, this would be the default option.

HK Post

I’ve had very good results with HK Post, delivery time to India is very fast. It’s quite consistant and I think this would be my 2nd best choice after ePacket. Do note that HK Post is slightly more expensive than other airmail options.


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