Looking For USA eCommerce Fulfillment Centers? So Am I.

ecommerce fulfillment centers in USA

I’m currently in the process of importing goods into USA to sell. Main reason for this is to:

  • Increase delivery speed to USA customers
  • Improve customer experience
  • Better handle product returns

Amazon multi-channel fulfillment is a very obvious choice but based on the info here,

Effective September 1, 2016, we will no longer offer the brand-neutral packaging service for your multi-channel fulfillment orders sent from Amazon. Thank you for your interest in this service.

Meaning customers will receive their packages with Amazon branding, I’m not interested in providing free advertising for Amazon. Of course, many argue that Amazon is a trusted brand and adds credibility, but I would rather have my own brand on the box if possible ( some fulfillment centers provide this service).

So I went to Google and did some research, read reviews and arrived at few choices.


Apparently they are a better fit got stores with 30 or less SKUs. they are a great choice for kickstarters.


Next up is Shipbob, apparently they divided my total SKUs by monthly orders and told me it’s too low.

James & James

This is a UK company with presence in UK, USA and New Zealand. More to come in the future. They seem to have a package for small businesses with lower monthly orders. I’m currently looking into this.

Other Options

Redstag – Better shipping rates on heavier goods.

Shipwire – Well known company. However, many bad reviews online.

Rakuten SL – Rakuten is a Japanese ecommerce giant. Lots of bad reviews too.

4PX – China shipping and fulfillment company. Has warehouses in many countries, affordable shipping rates but website is somewhat dysfunctional, not sure if they have integration for WooCommerce. Never found a review online for this, probably not popular.


It feels like I am the one going for an interview. I suspect Amazon does not have such an issue due to their scale and having so many fulfillment centers in USA alone means they need all the businesses they can get.

All of the aforementioned fulfillment companies ( except companies mentioned in “other options”) provide integration with popular shopping carts, including WooCommerce.


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