How To Monitor Your Customer’s Order Shipments


You ship hundreds of parcels everyday to your customers. Do you take a pro-active approach to handling customer’s shipment problems or do you wait for customers to contact you when there’s a shipment delay or issue? If you could just stay ahead of the customers and inform them of any shipment issues, that will definitely increase the customer experience.  Here’s some softwares and plugin that could help you accomplish this.

AfterShip ( Plugin + Web Based System) is a very multi-functional shipment tracking plugin and solution. Besides being able to insert tracking numbers in your WooCommerce orders, you can also  tracking info inside your order completion emails.

Its true power lies in its ability to export your shipment codes into AfterShip’s website and see what shipments have been delivered and what hasn’t. If a shipment is labeled “failed Attempt”, you will know immediately which shipment is having problem and then take action. You can also configure it to send delivery update notification emails or SMSes to your customers. This really takes your customer experience to another level.

There’s a lot more features than what has been mentioned. Moreover, it’s not limited to WooCoomerce. However, it does cost few cents per shipment to unlock all its features. Although it supports many couriers, I was not able to get full tracking info with China Post packages. It was only able to track locally in China while it was in transit. I would recommend to try out its free plugin first and see if the tracking info shown by AfterShip is complete or not for your courier. Otherwise, it would be better to use an external tracking website like which is probably the best at showing most tracking info at the moment ( I have noticed does not track NL Post International shipments very well ). It is possible to integrate into your order completion emails, please refer to…

TrackChecker ( Desktop Application )

TrackChecker allows you to track all your tracking codes in a single software, for free. It supports more than 270 postal/courier services around the world. You can’t auto-export your shop order shipping details to this software but if you’re only handling a small amount of orders, this would be a godsend. All you need to do is add your tracking codes into the software and let it automatically check for status updated every now and then. The color coded fields tells you whether it has been delivered or not or how long has it been in transit. I use it to track how certain couriers are performing over time as well as shipments that have been delayed.

There’s also a mobile version of TrackChecker available at Google Play . This will be very handy for the people always on the move. ( Web-based )

If you’re looking for email notifications for your shipments, this is a free website that does exactly that. Type your tracking code to track then add your email for notifications. If needed, you an add your customer’s email too so they get the updates. It’s a good idea to sign-up an account so you can see what you have added before.


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