2 Downtime in 1 Month with Vultr Hosting

server downtime headaches

it's a bad time to have downtime in the month of decemberI’ve hosted my eCommerce website on Vultr (Seattle) for more than a year now and have experience stable and good performance. However in this month of December (2016), I have had 2 downtime which are just 4 days apart. At the time of writing, Seattle has 2.94 hours of downtime based on the info here https://cloudharmony.com/status-for-vultr .

It is the worst time to have website downtime as the sales are the highest of the year. I hope this is not a re-occurring issue. Vultr also promises 100% Host Node Uptime in their SLA. In the event of outage (depending on outage time frame, more info here https://www.vultr.com/sla/ ), they will credit you with outage credits.

For more info on their server statuses, go to https://www.vultr.com/status/. To find out if there’s any issues with the location, there’s notifications (see picture) which in my case says “Seattle Degraded Network Performance”.


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